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Slide Sanat ve tasarım eğitimini yüreğindeki yolculukla birleştiren tasarımcı, üstün dikiş tekniği ’’Haute Couture’’u tüm iddiasıyla yansıtmak ve sofistike anlamlarla bütünleştirmek için kendi adını taşıyan markasını yarattı. Sanat ve Tasarımın
Birleştiği Yer

Güler Baysal…

Born in 1985 in Antalya, Güler Baysal participated in many group exhibitions and Milan Burgo Fashion Show after her education at Istituto di Moda Burgo, Italy. Combining his art and design education with the journey in his heart, the designer created his eponymous brand to reflect the superior sewing technique ‘Haute Couture’ with all its assertions and integrate it with sophisticated meanings.
All of her designs that go beyond themselves, strengthen with details and complete with artisan depictions are a tribute to traditional values. Hailing the timelessness in today’s chaos, all men’s and women’s collections are inspired by passion and nobility. The first of their collections, which will serve as a call to an imaginary world, is called “Melancholy”. Güler Baysal’s fashion-guiding collection ‘Ethereal’ took place on the 2019-2020 runway.